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Success stories

03/11/2015 - GOOD NEWS STORY 1


Client A is an enthusiastic and approachable young person presenting with initially some anxiety as was lacking confidence due to her biggest barrier to employment, namely a lack of work experience. I met this client three weeks ago and we identified a number of roles within Hospital Services as that was her preferred sector for work and indeed her qualifications matched this as she had successfully completed educational placements as part of her studies to date. She is very capable and although initially anxious about working in a hospital we have spent a lot of time researching departments and roles as well as progression onto accredited courses.


We had a lengthy discussion at our very first meeting at the job centre and on Day 1 of Week 2 at LEA site we further discussed an opportunity about a Hospital Services Programme that Client A was undecided about. After my input and consultation she understood that this will considerably enhance her employment prospects and Client A agreed to complete paperwork so that Client A could commence her placement at Princes Trust on Monday 2nd November. This was on-going dialogue between us all week and Client A was excited about her aspiration to gain some hospital work experience. We researched various departments and she expressed an interest in Phlebotomy Services as well as Maternity Services.


Client A was able to supply all the relevant information on Monday 26/10/2015 in the evening online and subsequently 30/10/2015 received confirmation of a start date for Client A to commence her placement on Monday 2nd November. She will be starting a Hospital Programme 02/11/2015 at Princes Trust working at one of the local hospitals. Client A is looking for a Healthcare Assistant Post and realises that her lack of work experience is presenting as a barrier to employment and has done so since she left her studies in July.


Client A placement will be for one month. We were able to complete Client A Action Plan and have booked our first review at the end of this month upon successful completion of Client A placement 

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